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Would you like to support The Living Memory Historical Association’s  Air Raid Shelter and Local History Museum at the Old Memorial Hospital site in Sheep Street, Cirencester.

From September 1st to October 31st we will be taking part in the “Tesco Bags for Help Scheme” at all the branches in Cirencester when you shop in Tesco, with your purchases, you will be given a blue plastic token to place in a collection point in the store.  If you place your token in the LMHA’s slot you will be helping us to win at least £1,000 to support the work of the LMHA.  As well as providing the Annual Exhibition, between May and October visits for schools and other parties are catered for outside these dates and members of the LMHA provide talks and other presentations for a large number of organisations throughout the year.  Just to pay our rent and rates to the Cotswold District Council requires us to raise around £5,000. 

Everything we do is on a voluntary basis without remuneration. PLEASE HELP if you can.

If you shop with AMAZON would you like to support the LMHA?
If you buy through  Amazon  Smile they will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to the LMHA if you follow the link:-  https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1078042-0
and enter your designated charity  as The Living Memory Historical  Association.

Thank You!


  • The Hospital Air Raid Shelter

    The air raid shelter of the former Cirencester Memorial Hospital in Sheep Street, Cirencester houses part of the LMHA's Annual Exhibition the rest being displayed in the Hospital Annexe nearby.

  • The Home Front

    In the new premises in the Sheep Street Cottages you will find all the everyday themes from ordinary wartime life, rationing, make-do and mend, the Home Guard and Civilian Services etc.

  • Local War Diary

    Follow a week by week diary of local events during World War Two extracted from the Wilts and Glos Standard on our Weekly War Diary page.

  • The Great War

    This section has been added as a result of the current interest in commemorating the events of the war that spawned the Second World War.

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The Living Memory Historical Association is a registered charitable trust based at The Old Memorial Hospital Site, Sheep Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England. Its main purpose is to aid the study of Social History with special reference to everyday life in the Cotswolds during and after the Second World War. 

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